What Is Configuration Management and Why Is It Important?

Hence, it is advisable to outsource the hardware configuration testing to organizations which specializes them. There are two different methods by which a system under configuration management control is modified. Either the infrastructure is immutable, and a change will result in a destruction and recreation of a resource, or the infrastructure change will run idempotently over a resource and converge as necessary. These concepts are very important when evaluating and understanding how a CMS solution works. Versioning of configuration management code allows for easy roll backs in case of problems.

You already know that most if not all of your company’s electronics need to be able to talk to each other. This communications configuration is essential to proper functioning of your systems and processes. Function and performance are two of the biggest concerns surrounding the demand for a properly configured technology infrastructure.

Configuration Management on Real Device Cloud with BrowserStack

Analyzing the system performance by adding or modifying the hardware resources like Load Balancers, increase or decrease in memory size, connecting various printer models, etc. A tester has to test the Combination of Client, Server and Database with combinations of the above-mentioned platforms and database versions to ensure that the application is functioning properly and does not fail. Configuration prevents information overload by customizing various reports from BI and presenting the correct information to the right person. It gives managers a multidimensional view of reports based on teams, departments, roles, and so on in real-time.

When we need to change system behavior quickly, and the change process requires an expensive, lengthy rebuild and redeployment process, a code change won’t suffice. Instead, configuration—which we can loosely define as a human-computer interface for modifying system behavior—provides a low-overhead way to change system functionality. SREs take advantage of this on a regular basis, when deploying systems and tuning their performance, as well as during incident response.

What are the Best Practices for Configuration Management?

This query is useful for identifying features you can remove or measuring the impact of a buggy option. Alternatively, the configuration could be stored in a higher-level language that allows for much more flexible configuration. One strategy to accommodate power users is to find the lowest common denominator of what regular users and power users require, and settle on that level of complexity as the default.

what is configuration

You may also wish to have tighter coupling between the configuration and the software being configured. By doing so, you can avoid inadvertently configuring features that are either not yet available or no longer supported in the software. A computationally intensive system might typically decide how many computation threads to deploy via a configuration control. Its dynamic default deploys as many threads as the system has execution cores. Dynamic default means we don’t need to ask the user to determine the right number of threads for the system to deploy on a given platform. Similarly, a Java binary deployed alone in a container could automatically adjust its heap limits depending on memory available in the container.

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Configuration is the manner in which components are arranged to make up the computer system. Sometimes, people specifically point to hardware arrangement as hardware configuration and to software components as software configuration. Understanding of computer configuration is important as for certain hardware or software applications, a minimum configuration are required. As stated, every company works differently and relies on a unique set of technology, especially in choice of hardware and software.

  • ] configuration management has been applied to large construction projects which can often be very complex and have a huge number of details and changes that need to be documented.
  • So it becomes the duty of the tester to analyze what hardware is mostly used by users and try to make the testing based on the prioritization.
  • This section shifts focus to the mechanics of how a user interacts with the configuration.
  • Also, it enables ‘undo’ functionalities for configuration that creates barriers for breakages.
  • Configuration management tools automate the process of identifying, documenting and tracking changes in the hardware, software and devices in an IT environment.

Subscription management is the process of overseeing and controlling all aspects of products and services sold repeatedly through… Also, while performing hardware configuration test, we specify the type of hardware to be tested, and there are a lot of computer hardware and peripherals which make it quite impossible to run all of them. So it becomes the duty of the tester to analyze what hardware configuration components is mostly used by users and try to make the testing based on the prioritization. Verifying how manageable the application items are throughout the software development life cycle. IaaC brings up the code that automates the preparation of the environment for development and testing tasks. It helps to improve the user experience through quick detection and solution for improper configurations.

Configuration management

It also lets you build on top of existing system settings to create a larger, more versatile, more robust infrastructure. Because of this wide visibility, organizations trust automated configuration management to make changes in the organizations at scale – through existing or net new infrastructure. In simple words, it helps product companies to automate and simplify complex and time-consuming repetitive tasks. Additionally, it provides direction for the development and implementation of the processes, methods, tools, procedures, services, and resources required to support a complex system.

what is configuration

On desktop systems, screen resolution changes often prompt a countdown and reset if a user does not confirm changes. This is because an incorrect monitor setting might prevent the user from reverting the change. Similarly, it is common for system admins to accidentally firewall themselves out of the system that they are currently setting up.

Mechanics of Configuration

Configure persistent application settings with the Lua programming language. Most languages have YAML parsers, and there are good open source YAML linters to help you ensure the integrity of a YAML file. Airline seat maps require a complex configuration for ease of booking and transfer in case of a change in aircraft.

what is configuration

Reliability also comes into play, along with the safety andsecurityof your company’s data. Devices that are properly configured initially can save you headaches in technology audits down the line. Whenever a build is released, the software has to be installed in all the physical machines where the hardware is attached, and the test suite has to be run on each machine to ensure that the application is working fine.

Services & Training

Configuration management tools are integral, aiding in asset inventory, setting rollouts, patch automation, and compliance tracking. Configuration management offers key advantages such as visibility for cataloging systems and services, aiding in application development and maintenance. Let’s review the definition of configuration management when applied to development. In this guide, we’ll break down the meaning of configuration management, how it complements DevOps and CI/CD, its importance, how to plan for it, and the tools to use for effective implementation. It makes troubleshooting a lot easier when you have just one file governing a system.

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