How to Access the Dark Web

If you’re interested in seeing what lurks in the shadows on the internet, it’s simple to get access to the dark web. However, there are some risks. Think of it as walking into a city that has hidden back alleys: It’s easy enough to explore, but taking the wrong path could get you in trouble.

The dark web is an edifice of criminal activity, which includes the black-hat hacker, drug dealing and terrorism. It’s also a gathering place for the dregs of society including hitmen, human traffickers, and corrupt officials. But the dark web isn’t just bad. It also serves as a kind of liaison between people who are politically outcast and those who live in the world of free providing a means for those looking to make anonymous tips (whistleblowers).

To browse the dark web for access, you’ll require a particular browser, called Tor. It works a bit like a VPN that encrypts your requests and removing geo-location labels that your ISP or government might use to track you. Tor also improves your security by routing your request through a network of volunteer servers across the globe.

Once you’ve installed, and configured Tor Once you’ve done that, you can begin surfing the dark web. Content isn’t as well-indexed as on the surface web however there are plenty of sites to check out. For example, you’ll find online shops where you can buy illegal drugs and firearms and sites which offer guides to hide your digital footprint, or even the launch of ransomware attacks.

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