How To Convert An Android App To Ios

Surprisingly, but despite having fewer users, iOS manages to generate more revenue than Android. Android apps usually have more downloads, allowing you to generate higher revenue from in-app advertising. If you want to use Android app on iOS but just do not know how to do it, you’re recommended to read the article to learn how to convert Android app to iOS.

how to convert an android app to ios

A successful conversion requires a dedicated team of developers with iOS development experience. Whether you’re developing a mobile game or a business app, converting your Android app to iOS is a possibility. However, converting an Android app to iOS requires careful consideration of the OS differences. IOS and Android users both update their operating systems regularly. That means your iOS app should also be compatible with the latest version of Android.

A Healthcare App

The only advice here is to use real Android devices, emulators, and quality assurance systems. Apart from a significant difference in the Main or Home button, both platforms also differ in the way users navigate Apps. Toggles, buttons, and tabs on Android devices are inclined towards a square look, while the same elements on iOS devices look roundish with smooth edges. Even the look and feel on navigation/tab bars in Android are slightly different from iOS. Another crucial thing to keep in mind is the different screen sizes. Fortunately, Apple has fewer devices than Android, and consequently, there are fewer screen sizes and resolutions to cater to, making the job easier for developers.

how to convert an android app to ios

Our team has the necessary understanding of platform adaption, business logic for the app, along with programming and testing. With our collaborative approach, the transformed app would be supported by all the popular Android-based devices. According to an app development company, most mobile app developers prefer to use native tools like Kotlin or Objective-C to build their apps. If you already have a native Android app, you can convert the React Native module into it without developing a React Native app. Like any app development process, quality assurance is extremely important to convert iOS to Android or Android and iOS.

How to convert an Android app to iOS and vice versa – the step-by-step process. You may think that a feature on one platform is working the same way on the other, however in reality the situation might be really different. It might take a lot of time to developing the same app functionality on the new version of the app. Competitive advantageIt is entirely possible that most of your competitors favor a certain platform over the other, leaving the other open. Garner more profitsThe profits naturally depend heavily on the monetization method you may have chosen.

Brilliant Steps: How To Convert Android To Ios App

Converting apps from one mobile platform to another requires developers who have extensive technical knowledge of both platforms. A developer should have skills in programming, testing, and analyzing business logic. As an Android developer, you’ll want to know the differences between iOS and Android devices before starting the conversion process. The most important difference between the two is the way the user interface works.

how to convert an android app to ios

However, with the help of Google’s J2ObjC project, it is now possible to convert Java source code to Objective-C for the iOS platform. ” is the most popular question among developers and mobile app development companies. In the conversion process, analyzing the existing app’s code is always helpful, especially if your application is implemented on some algorithms. Before developing an app, you should consider evaluating the size of your device to ensure it is displayed correctly. It appears similar to OS versions where there are more than 20 displays on Android versus 4 – 5 cores on iOS. Also, think about it when converting the iOS App to the Android App store.

Under his belt, Saumil has close to 20 years of diversified global experience of incubating and scaling businesses from infancy to drive maximum value for customers. Learn how we helped one of our healthcare customers to convert iOS EMR app to Android for a robust system. We designed and developed an Android version of the existing EMR iOS app to reach more customers and achieve higher ROI.

Step 1 Design

On similar lines, when you can save up on some time, you can also reduce the overall cost related to the development of the project. Being an open-platform, React Native makes it easier for the developers to contribute and take the framework ahead. As a result, there are many tricks and tips that the community share with the developers to receive the utmost result out of the development. On similar lines, we have chosen React Native for the conversion into a high performance and secure app.

how to convert an android app to ios

Consider the fact that around 90% of smartphone time is spent in apps – mobile app usage is a strong habit in modern users that isn’t going anywhere. A certain portion of your potential users will have a preference for interacting with you through apps. By converting your bubble app to mobile apps you can give them what they want.

Let’s go through some of the factors to be taken into consideration while calculating the cost of conversion. Let’s discuss some of the important considerations while converting an iPhone App to Android with a list of the most common challenges. Our experts can help with the seamless porting of your application to achieve a better ROI. While it really depends on the size and complexity of an app, but generally the process of porting an iOS app to Android could take anything from a couple of days to several weeks.

Because iOS development is a niche in many regions of the world. So you will have to pay extra for outside professional assistance. Furthermore, how to convert an android app to ios as mentioned above, both platforms have separate UI components, such as the back button, navigation bar, CTA placement, and more.

Boosting Profits In The New Market Environment

Add a dependency on the shared module to the build.gradle of your Android application. The cross-platform code that is used for both iOS and Android is stored in the shared module. Kotlin Multiplatform provides a special wizard for creating such modules. Learn how to make your existing Android application cross-platform so that it works both on Android and iOS. You’ll be able to write code and test it for both Android and iOS only once, in one place. Your development team is most likely limited to Android skills, which is fine!

  • Ahead of converting a particular mobile app to another platform, we ensure that the mobile app is bug-free and propose the best solutions for the app first.
  • Google Play is more developer-friendly than the App Store due to its fewer laws and simpler submission rules.
  • It is wise to select the latest iOS version for your converted app since more than 75% of iPhone users are upgraded to iOS 14.
  • Therefore, if you wish to move your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, then you can try MobileTrans as well.
  • This online emulator launches an iOS-like device, complete with the look and feel of iOS.

When you consider expanding your business through digitization, the more the merrier approach is deemed to be the best bet. You get immense benefit if you have your mobile app present in the App Store and Google Play Store both. So, it would be a new experience altogether when you have an application built in Native, and you want to upgrade the Native app to React Native.

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To better clarify the issue of conversion costs, let’s check developers’ hourly rates. First, let’s look at how much iOS devs approximately charge per hour for their work in different regions. Each platform has its own syntax, which is why there is no way to convert an app in one click.

On the iOS platform, the users can spend more which means more profit. Whereas on the Android platform, the number of downloads is exceptionally high. Another important feature that draws your attention to transforming Android apps to iOS is device buttons.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A React Native For Your Existing Native Android And Ios Apps?

Porting Android apps to iOS or vice versa is a way out in case the development of that first app has met your expectations. Having an application for one platform means losing potential customers hanging out on the other OS, though. Further, you need to look into the libraries involved that are provided by the Android app and optimization space for expansion.

Validation Testing to check if the final iOS App meets business requirements. Additionally, iOS has strict requirements for the shape of icons , while Android gives developers the freedom to use icons in different forms and shapes. Well, Android and iOS utilize different monetization models, and how much profit you generate depends mostly on the model you’ve picked. Anyway, two apps are more likely to bring more revenue than one.

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More features – mobile app conversion is not duplication, so there are possibilities to enrich and improve user experience, add more unique features, etc. As you’ve decided to develop an app on one platform/OS, the next logical step is to build the same app for another one. This would mean, actually, to convert an app, from iOS or Android, of course, which are holding leading positions with 97% of all smartphones.

Adaptation For Various Os Versions

Thus, it’s best to hire a development company than to use app converter software, if you want an app that offers exceptional performance and user experience. Aside from the surface differences, iOS and Android are also separate entities at the core of development. Meaning, both operating systems support distinct programming languages for their applications. Before starting the development process, it’s crucial to take into account the devices and their screen sizes. This is because displaying your app on the screen should be correct.

There are certain elements that should not slip from one’s attention. A proper planning is necessary to convert an iOS app to Android successfully. Before you port iOS app to Android, it is essential to consider how to compartmentalize the process. Likewise, if you want to build an Android app with React Native, you need to configure maven first. After that, you can enable auto-linking of configured permissions and native modules. Before integrating code, text traffic needs to be cleaned up.

The App Store has more stringent requirements for development, so the confirmation process is more complex and lengthy, and can even lead to a denial. In addition, using an iPhone or iPad, you cannot install applications from other resources. Here, the developers and testers will have to check the application’s functionality and ensure that it meets the stated requirements and the designs look correct. When testing is over, the application can be uploaded to the AppStore. Since Android and iOS devices have technical differences, primarily related to UI, both platforms require creating separate designs for the interface. With custom development from scratch, this problem is effectively solved, and you can be sure that the application will look organic on both Android and iOS platforms.

Google Play Store allows developers to upload their applications at just $25 as a one-time cost and activate their developer account. After that, you have to upload 15 APKS in the next 24 hours. Android provides various awesome features in terms of high flexibility, versatility, and scalability as compared to iOS. When it comes to converting iOS applications to Android applications, you get more options to make your applications more flexible and easy to reachable by more Android users. Converting your iOS application to Android can help reduce your budget by eliminating resources and time used for cloning your iOS application to Android. It employs the same design and structure process for converting an iPhone application to Android.

Design elements such as icons, buttons, fonts, screen ratio, etc. need further revision as well so that the elements can match the iOS platform’s specifications. Apple has successfully managed to create a unique ecosystem that is second to none and Android doesn’t have a solution for that. Even the users of the iOS platform are different than Android users and they are treated as such.

For example, Facebook uses React Native that helps to build apps for Android and iOS simultaneously. Specifications, interface designs, and navigation are required for any application building. Since you already have the initial app and the description fits functionality, you need to take care of preparing the layouts for another OS. The truth is that Android designs will look ugly on Apple devices due to their technical differences . According to various independent sources, an average of 23% of users uninstall applications that have an incorrect and inconvenient interface. It is better to prepare high-quality layouts for mobile operating systems in advance when converting your Android app to iOS or vice versa.

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